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I need a spare part



  • Goldie64

    Where can I get a new charging box for my DAEWOO AVS1445 Wireless Earbuds that I got for Christmas, I don’t want to tell my aunt the charging box is not working. Please help.

  • Rehan

    Hi I need the air fryer basket number 2 plz

  • Johnparker13

    Replacement Hepa filter for my hand held vac cleaner model number FLR00013

  • Yau

    I've bought 2 nos of halogen heater just 1month ago from Amazon.
    NOW, 4 out of 6 halogen bulbs were out of order.

    Where can I buy the spare parts or do you have warranty for these bulbs?

  • Chris Collins

    I am looking for halogen heater tube replacement (spade terminals) for a model HEA1416
    Seem about 214mm but depends on what end points are considered.

  • Neil Stammers

    Where can I obtain some of the little silicone caps that protect the edge of the grill from scratching the basket ?

  • Kushal kadikar

    Hello i have air conditioning model COL1316 i need its both the circuit board where i can buy them

  • Kjpaton8

    Kathleen Paton, I need a new set of four silicone feet for my trivet in 4 litre air fryer purchased 8/3/23.  Thankyou

  • Kjpaton8

    Hello, The air fryer I need feet for the trivet is 4L air fryer, Model No. SDA1861.  Thank you.


  • Roy Janaway

    Can I purchase a replacement basket for my air fryer. No SDA1861

  • Dora Weston

    I need a replacement basket number 2 for sda2310ge 8L XL


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